Instead of privately journalling, I have chosen to blog publicly so to capture all of the little things that I get up to over the coming years and so those that are interested can be kept up to date. The original plan was for me to wait until I had moved to South Africa to set up this blog, but I figured that it would be nice for me to have a place where I could store memories from before I go that I can look back on and laugh at!

As well as keeping up with what I am getting up to, another feature on this blog will be my ‘Happiness Journal’. Here, regular updates will be posted from all the little things I write down (and attempt to draw!) that make me happy. In all honesty, it is just a way of making sure that I remember the positives and stay smiling, but I thought it would also be nice to share so you can all remember to stay smiling about all the little things.

Anyway, that’s enough of me rambling and saying a load of things that nobody really wants to know! Enjoy!

CJ x


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