On Sunday, I had the privilege of being able to baptise 3 of our young people with Cebo and watch another be baptised by her father. It was such an exciting moment to be a part of, even if the water was absolutely freezing!

For those who don’t know what baptism is, it a full-body submersion in water, which is a public declaration of your faith in Jesus. As you go down into the water, it symbolises you dying to your old self, and as you come back up out of the water, it symbolises being made new and washed clean in Christ Jesus. For me, it is such a beautiful thing to witness.

Firstly, we baptised Kuhle, who has grown up in Everyday People, and felt like the next step for her in being obedient to God and serve Him was to do this. 


Next, we baptised Usi. Over the past year, it has been so awesome just to see him grow in His faith and then make the decision to take the next step in declaring his faith.


What made this next baptism so special is that Mihle was baptised by her father, Vuyani, on Father’s Day. It was so beautiful to watch.


Finally, Cebo and I were able to baptise Kayleigh, who has also been on such a journey with God over the past year, hearing Him speak to her clearly! 


It was so beautiful to see these young people declaring that Jesus is their Lord and Saviour and I am so thankful that I was able to be a part of it. It’s definitely not something that I’m going to forget in a hurry.


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