Review: ‘Unbreakable’ – Andrew Wilson

For those of you who know me well, you will know that when I read a book, I tend to read it fairly quickly if I am into it and not really think too hard about the content. But I recently read a book that really challenged me to think a little bit harder. And even though it was only 65 pages long, it took me four days to mull it over.

So what was the book? ‘Unbreakable’ by Andrew Wilson.
This is a book that looks into what the Son of God (Jesus) says about the Word of God (the Bible). It unpacks the reason why we should all believe in Scripture and all that it has to say and it is highly recommended. 

What this book doesn’t do is go into the reasons why people don’t believe Scripture or details on who wrote what and how we can believe what they are saying. For me, that made it all the more intriguing; people often go into conversations about the Bible, trying their hardest to find contradictions and the like but what we as Christians can often fail to do is to look at the bigger picture and see what is trying to be said throughout the whole thing. Which is why I like the way that Wilson gets straight to the point, discussing how in all that we read, we must read it in mind of Jesus. And although there will be moments when we have to look into the juxtapositions, we can research with Jesus in mind, knowing that He changed the way that we should look at laws and the religious aspects. 

But rather than writing a 65 page book about how we should just read the Bible and think of Jesus, Wilson takes us on a journey, allowing us to not only look at what is at the centre of scripture, but also why it has authority, how sufficient it is and also the dangers that can crop up if we are not careful. And whilst some people would really spend their time, going in to detail about each of these things, Wilson puts it bluntly to help us understand it quickly and without too many questions afterwards. 

For the past month or so, I have really been trying to dig deeper into Scripture and make sure I set aside time daily for an in-depth Bible study as I have wanted to learn more about the character of God and how my life slots into His bigger plan. And then I begin to read chapter 5 of ‘Unbreakable’ and I felt like what I had really been missing had just been revealed to me in such a significant way. Wilson ends the chapter talking about how we can see Jesus clearly being pointed to throughout Scripture, both in the Old Testament before he came and after he returned to his Father’s side in the New Testament. The sentence that grabbed my attention was this: “Jesus is the new Adam, who passed his garden test by submitting to the will of the Father, crushed the snake, and gave life to the dead rather than death to the living.” And at that point my eyes were opened to see Jesus everywhere I look in Scripture. And it got me that I hadn’t seen it before, even though it was in plain sight. All I can say, is that this book really helps you see the Bible from a new angle and helps to open your eyes to the things that we have been missing all this time.

Needless to say, I would highly recommend this book to all who want to understand the Bible better, no matter if you are young or old; it is a book that is accommodating for everyone. If you have any questions about what the Bible really means, or if you want to delve a bit deeper into Scripture, just like I was trying to do. I will leave a link below to where you can buy it, both in the UK and outside of it. Thank you, Andrew Wilson, for carefully crafting such a phenomenal book. 

Available in South Africa:

Available in the UK:


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