Care Packages

“Your Father knows what you need before you ask him.” (Matthew 6 vs 8)

As I sit here with my cup of tea, dunking in a very much missed Custard Cream, I can’t help but thank God for the fact that He knows me better than I know myself.

I’m going to start this story, looking back on Monday. You see, there are little things that make me miss the UK more than others, and although I have got much better in dealing with them, I’m still glad they are there. One of these things is watching Top Gear with my brother. The problem here, however, is that I have seen pretty much every episode and there are no new ones with decent presenters. So a part of me has been desperate to watch The Grand Tour. 

Care Package #1
Chris plugs his memory stick into the computer on Monday so we can look at some material we are going to be using at youth on Friday and I see that he has got a collection and TV series’ and movies on there too. Then he tells me that I can copy some onto my flash drive. So I get looking. And what is on there? The Grand Tour! You have no idea how excited I was and how much I am looking forward to watching them!

Care Package #2
I get in the car with Cebo on Monday evening to go to worship practice for Easter Camp and he presents me with a very nice bar of chocolate. It definitely felt like something I needed and I very much appreciated it!

Care Package #3
Yesterday (Tuesday), Arno got back from the UK. Whilst he was there, he stayed with my parents and they gave him a care package to give to me. 
Before I go into what they sent me, I feel like I must give a little bit of context. Every year, Dad sends me a Valentines card with a very funny message inside and although I complain about it, I was a bit upset at the thought that this could be the first year that I don’t get one from him. 
So when I opened the package to find a card inside with ‘You’re My Favourite Weirdo’ written on the front, I felt like crying. It literally made my day and it now takes pride of place in my room, next to a card from my brother tell me that I am an ‘all-round bakery’. 
Obviously, it helped that there were Custard Creams inside this pack. They make my tea times much more exciting now! But the best thing about this package? My parents know that my year is not complete without Easter goodies. Yes, they packed me Mini Eggs and Creme Eggs! Highlight of my week! 

And before you all look at me and ask how on earth I am going to eat all this chocolate, I must tell you that it will be rationed and I will try not to eat it all in one go! Promise!

But I have to tell you, God knew that I needed a pick me up, something from home that would make me feel like I can make it to the end of the year here in South Africa. And although this stuff won’t stay with me for a long time, it will be long enough to help me get through times where I just want a hug from my dad or to chat to my mum. All I need to do is make myself a cup of tea and have a Custard Cream and all will be well. Flip, I don’t think I have ever sounded so British!


One thought on “Care Packages

  1. What a lovely surprise. I understand it completely. When I first came to the UK there were no South African shops and no Amazon so we waited for guests from home, usually grandparents. They would ask what we wanted, chicken flings, rusks and pinkies (romantics, chouchous). It was the highlight of the year. I still buy them but now it is easy just click and next day they are here or pop up to Complete Meats for droiwors and biltong.
    So really enjoy your treats and the love they were sent with. Xx


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