Here’s To The Dads

A few weeks ago, I wrote a blog post dedicated to all the mums that have made an impact in my life over the last year. So I thought that it was only fair that this week I shared with you some of the dads that have been there for me when I have needed them the most. Now, without further ado, here we go!

  1. Grant van Schalkwyk
    Starting with my real dad, this man has truly been an inspiration to me. He constantly encourages me to run after Jesus with all my heart and trust that His plans are best for me. Although he struggled letting me go, I know that he was so thankful that with me moving to South Africa, I was chasing after what God had in store for me and I know that makes my Dad so proud. But the best part about Dad? He makes me laugh by doing the most ridiculous things, trying to justify why grammar is incorrect, realising that there are 5 fingers on your hand etc. If ever I need cheering up, I know that all I have to do is talk to Dad for 5 minutes and he will have made me cry with laughter. Dad, thank you for always being there for me and encouraging me to live for God, no matter how far out of my comfort zone it takes me. 

  2. Arno de Bruin
    I wake up every morning so thankful that this man was willing to take me into his home for an entire year after only meeting me in person twice. I’m still not sure he fully realised what he was letting himself in for! Arno has been so generous towards me and I feel so at home here, like I have been adopted into his family. I mean, I even find myself questioning whether my real surname is van Schalkwyk or de Bruin! I feel like Arno has helped bring me out of my shell and makes me laugh so much when he is in a funny mood, although I feel like watching Masterchef Australia somehow helped bring out that mood. One thing I know for sure is that saying goodbye to this man in July will be very tough as he has become like another dad to me. 

  3. Pete Monaghan
    The first thing Pete asked me after I got my nose pierced was whether I had asked his permission to get it done and laughed at how I was encouraging Liesl-Ann too much. That was the moment I knew that I had gained another dad. I know that I am always welcome in the Monaghan household and it makes me so happy to know that there is a place I can go when I just need some space. And I also know that by the time I get back to the UK, I will have been turned into a rosé drinker. Pete, I really want to thank you for making me feel so at home.

All of these men are an inspiration to me and encourage me to be the person that God made me to be. I thank God for putting more dads into my life when I needed them most.


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