A Letter To Music

Dear Music,

You have no idea what you do for me from day to day; I mean, it is probably safe to say that I cannot live without you. You do something to me that words cannot even describe, but I’ll give it a go anyway.

It amazes me how you come in so many forms, suited to what mood I am in. You provide the ballad for when I am over emotional, the funk for when I want to be that little bit more sassy and the cheesy pop for when I just need something to fill my ears. In just one song, I can go from crying tears of hurt and pain to laughing so hard because the lyrics just don’t make any sense at all. But that’s okay, because you made me feel so much better in just 3 meager minutes.

If ever I was struggling for self-confidence, I could look to some of your creators for help. They would sing songs about being beautiful just the way I am and that every inch of me is perfect from the bottom to the top. If ever I felt that people were bringing me down, I could play a song that would tell me just to shake it off. If ever I needed motivation, you were always there to tell me to pump it. I don’t know how you do it but you seem to be there, whatever I feel like.

Even though you can be there just to fill the airwaves when everything else is silent, you are also there to help me use my voice when I feel like that’s all I can do. You have given me something to do when I am bored and you have given me skills that I could have only dreamed of otherwise. And for that I am truly grateful.

As well as all of this you do for me, you have been given as a gift to so many people that I look up to. They can write songs with you that help me to worship and reflect on the vast expanse of who God is. They can open up the Bible for me and teach me truths about my God that I may have otherwise forgotten. Music, you make my heart soft to allow God to move through me and do something in me and I must not ever take you for granted.

So Music, I just want to thank you; for being there for me when I have needed you most and for helping me see the beauty of the world around me, even when I am prancing around me bedroom with a hairbrush!

I am very sure I will be listening to you again soon, and boy, am I looking forward to it!


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