Adventures in Cape Town

For the last few days, I have been exploring the beautiful city of Cape Town with some good friends of mine, the Monaghan family. The invited me to tag along on their trip, and obviously, the first thing to do when you get back home is to write a blog post all about it. So here goes:

DAY 1:
We left East London on Thursday. For me, this was the first opportunity I had really had to go and explore a different part of South Africa and man, I was excited! 
We took a few stops along the way and each have their own story. After the first stop, we began to make our way down to Port Elizabeth (PE). James, Brogan and I were in one car, following Peter and Liesl-Ann in their bukkie. As we had got into the car and rushed to turn the air-con on (it was flipping hot!), Peter told us that we were about to drive into a storm. He wasn’t lying. It rained so hard that we had to stop on the side of the road because we couldn’t actually see the headlights of the bukkie right in front of us! If we’re being honest here, it did make our hearts pound just a little bit!
But we also took a lovely stop at Storms River. Here, you can look at the view from the bridge, right down into the gorge – which is a LONG way down.

We stopped off in Plettenburg Bay for the night and spent some time on the beach, just stretching our legs from spending the majority of the day in the car. There is no doubt that Plett is a beautiful place.


DAY 2:
We left early the next morning so that we could get to Cape Town at a fairly reasonable time. The best observation made from the whole trip was that the closer you got to Cape Town, the nicer the toilets were! 


Once we got into Cape Town, we went straight to James’ new flat and explored the harbour which is right next door! Of course, we had to get both pictures of the seals and then go and get some calamari and chips for supper. It was all very exciting.

DAY 3:
Brogan and I spent Saturday morning exploring Kalk Bay. It is very beautiful and has some beautiful shops with beautiful floors!

When we had finished drinking out smoothies and had headed back to James’ flat, we went and took a closer look at the tidal pool…

That afternoon, we all took a trip to Bolder’s Beach to go and have a look at the little penguins; they are so cute!

After that, we took a drive around Chapman’s Peak – truly stunning!


In the evening, we went shopping at the V&A Waterfront and then went for supper. As always, whenever Brogan and I are together, something bizarre happens. This time, a middle aged man who had clearly had a few to drink came up to us offering to take some pictures and telling us that his friends were in the CIA looking at the Russian spy ships behind us.

DAY 4:
We went to church at the South Peninsula location of Common Ground. It was a good morning as they launched their new series: “Too busy not to pray”. 
Afterwards, we wet back to the house and had a braai, which of course, never fails to disappoint!

Later that afternoon, we went to the house of a friend of the Monaghans, had homemade pizza and had a nice (and competitive) game of ping-pong. Sorry James, but I did actually win that. 
We then went to Common Ground, Ronderbosch for their evening service, which was awesome. It reminded me a lot of being back in Plymouth, where the church is pumping with students.

DAY 5:
Whilst the others were finding last minute touches for James’ flat, Brogan and I went on one of the bus tours of Cape Town, which would take us up the mountain and give us a look at all of the beaches. 

We first got off at Long Street and did a good bit of shopping. Obviously, we cannot forget the fact that we stopped for smoothies in a cute little cafe called ‘HunnyBun’. 

When we got back on the bus, we then went to see Table Mountain. Unfortunately we couldn’t get right to the top because it was way too windy but we got close! It just means that I have to go back now!

We then finished the tour by going to look around all of the beaches and finishing back at the V&A Waterfront. 

Because we couldn’t get up the mountain, Brogan and I decided that we should go into the Two Oceans Aquarium and have a look round. It was quite exciting!

DAY 6:
This was spent in the car travelling home. We left at 4:30am and got back at 4:30pm. Here’s a funny fact for you: the car journey home was just as long as my plane trip to get from the UK to South Africa!

Overall, I had an absolutely awesome time in Cape Town. If I said the word beautiful too many times in this blog post then I apologise but I couldn’t think of a word that better describes the place.

I also just want to say a big thank you to the Monaghans for letting me tag along, just so I could see the most beautiful city in the world!



2 thoughts on “Adventures in Cape Town

  1. Hi, just wanted to say how much I enjoy your blog,hearing what you’ve been up to. The latest one was amazing and as you said beautiful. Happy belated new year,love Kathy xx

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