A Very South African Christmas!

As many of you are very much aware, on Sunday it was Christmas Day. For a lot of people it is a day that they have planned strategically and know exactly what is going to happen when and where. For other people, they just relax as they know that they are going to be fed well and have a lovely day. Usually, for me, I like to be a bit of both; I like to know what is going to happen but I also like the day to be relaxed and let it unfold in its own way. However, this year I had absolutely no idea what was going on!

In mid-December I was asked by quite a few people when my flight back to the UK was. Most were surprised to hear me reply mid-July as they expected me to be going back for Christmas. The thing is, I knew I would regret not getting to experience it here if I did go back and also, I don’t have the money to be making multiple trips across the globe. So, instead of having a very British Christmas, I had my very first South African Christmas experience and it is one that I will never forget.

Now, here is the de Bruin household, we decided to do a family Christmas on Christmas Eve because Christmas morning was going to be way too rushed and we weren’t home for lunch.
We spent the afternoon playing board games and card games, and yes, it did get competitive. I know that I am a very competitive person (I get it from my parents!) and I also know that there are a couple of competitive members of the de Bruin family so it made for a very enjoyable afternoon. 
Afterwards, we laid the table and had the very Christmassy meal of chicken and bacon pasta bake! I know that my English friends will be going nuts at the thought of a Christmas meal without turkey, but just hold on to your seats guys; there’s more! The pasta bake was delicious and went down brilliantly with a G&T. 
We then opened our presents and just spent time enjoying each other’s company. This was swiftly followed by a lovely movie (Pete’s Dragon) and Peppermint Crisp Ice Cream Cookie Sandwiches. And that wraps up Christmas Eve.

I was picked up at 7am on Christmas Day so we could be at church to practice at 7:30am. The service started at 9am and lasted an hour and it had a lovely atmosphere. We even had a photo booth which proved to be lots and lots of fun.

After this, we headed out to Cove Rock to spend the rest of Christmas Day with the Elliots on the farm. There we had our Christmas dinner, which consisted of roasted meats and salads. No roast potatoes, no brussel sprouts; it was far from the English Christmas I had always known.

As well as that, it was HOT. Never have I had a Christmas where it has not been freezing cold and has forced me to spend my days sat by the fire. The pure thought of fire here makes me want to walk into a freezer.

Now the question you are all asking is did I even speak to my family?! Yes, I did. When I got home on Christmas Day. I opened the present that they had sent me in October and cried at the sight of Bourbon biscuits. 

All in all, it was a lovely day and I am so glad that I can say that I have experienced a South African Christmas. But it did also make me appreciate the good old English Christmas a lot more than I had done previously; man, I missed roast potatoes! But all I can say now is that Christmas 2016 was awesome and I am looking forward to Christmas 2017 already. 


I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and enjoy your New Years’ celebrations on Sunday! See you all in 2017! 

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