The Beauty Of Friendship


There is real beauty in friendship. When I’m feeling down, it is so comforting to know that if I am feeling down, there is someone I can call that will be there to help me feel better. It’s a lot like what I talked about last week; having a support system in the form of a life group is awesome. But, there are also individuals that give you that little boost, just when you need it most.

If I am being honest, I was really struggling with the thought of not being in the UK for Christmas. Now, we all knew that this would be the case and that it would hit me like a pile of bricks, but I don’t quite think I fully accepted that. What I really needed was a distraction – something to keep me busy but also to take my mind off of everything else. And this is where some very good friends come in. In the space of a day my smile was back on my face and my entire mindset changed. And although I do miss my family and friends back in the UK, I am very much looking forward to spending Christmas in South Africa. 

There is also beauty in teamwork. Building relationships with people that you are teaming with is an incredible thing and so many of my good friendships have developed when I have had to work with them to achieve something. Looking back at this past year, even the last few weeks, the teams that I have worked with have been simply the best! 

Joining the team at Everyday People was such a big step for me, and for them most likely! It required me to move 6,000 miles away and to just trust that God knew me better than I knew myself. And as for the relationships I have made? They have been awesome! In fact, I would have no hesitation in running to any of them if I needed help with something or needed a smile to be put on my face. These guys make my Monday mornings exciting!


But the team of the week has to go to the Carols With Cows team. As a church, we hosted a carol evening, where I got plugged in as part of the band. I have never seen a team like the band bond together as quickly as we did. It took one practice of 2 1/2 hours for us to connect, and I have to say that I am sad the event is over! It was a fantastic evening and again, the relationships built were fantastic. 


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