A Home Away From Home

You know, there is something quite special about moving to a completely different place and feeling like you have always supposed to have been there; the way people are so excited to get to know you and you are so excited to experience life somewhere new.

At first, it can seem quite daunting, moving to a place where you know no-one. And there will always be those moments where you are just craving for a Lord of the Rings and cake eating marathon with those friends that you have spent almost everyday with for the last few years. Living 6,000 miles away makes that a little bit tricky. 

Yet, there comes a time where home doesn’t feel all that far away anymore.Yes, you miss all of those people, both family and friends, but you don’t actually miss the place. I love Plymouth, I really do. However, there is something about East London that just makes me so happy. It just feels like the place where I’m supposed to be – I am in no doubt that God wants me here.

But the thing that really makes the place into a home is the people. Being plugged into a church means that I have an incredible network of friends and actually, a brilliant family that love me for who I am and want to look after me all the time! 


There is one family that gets a special mention here though, that one being my Life Group family. For those of you that don’t know, a Life Group is a small group of people from the church that gather midway through the week to have supper together and talk about Sunday’s service. But more than that, they are a group of people that you really bond with and love doing things with, even outside of a Sunday morning or a Wednesday night. I am incredibly privileged to say that I am a part of them and love seeing them all. 

The best thing? Being with a group of people that you know you wouldn’t have been sat in a room with had it not been for Jesus. For example, I am now great friends with a gynecologist, infectious diseases specialist, full-time mums, students and a teacher. There are many others that I could have listed, but to save you reading loads and loads, I thought I would stop there!

So to say that I have found a ‘home away from home’ is an understatement. 


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