Busy, Busy, Busy!

Over the last week, there have been lots of things to keep me busy. And I know that this coming week will be just as exciting. 

Again, I have embarrassed myself silly by being in a lip-sync battle and have spent a lot of time enjoying myself in the sun on the beach. 

But I have managed to take some photos this week – you should all be proud of me!

It was Arno’s birthday on Monday so we all went out for supper. It was so nice and we laughed like nobody was watching. Claire and I had strawberry tequilas, which tasted surprisingly good! There was such a nice vibe and I had such a good time. 


But I think I should also give my brother a shout out here. On Monday night, he won a music award at the school awards evening! I am so proud! When I got sent a picture of his cheesy grin with his award, my heart swelled. Yet, the thing that struck me the most is how grown up he looked; he didn’t look like a kid anymore! Flip, he has jaw bones!


This morning, we took a rather impromptu trip to the beach because it was absolutely beautiful weather. Walking onto the sand, I could feel the burning heat of the sun on the soles of my feet. It was a blissful feeling! Then just easing myself into the cool water and enjoying the sun with friends and family was great. 

Sorry this was such a short post but hopefully the pictures helped there! But I do have to go now as I need to start thinking about going out to the life group Christmas party later. We have to dress up real fancy (just realised that sounded like someone from ‘Óf Mice And Men’!) so it requires a bit more thought than normal! 


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