Busy, Busy, Busy!

Over the last week, there have been lots of things to keep me busy. And I know that this coming week will be just as exciting. 

Again, I have embarrassed myself silly by being in a lip-sync battle and have spent a lot of time enjoying myself in the sun on the beach. 

But I have managed to take some photos this week – you should all be proud of me!

It was Arno’s birthday on Monday so we all went out for supper. It was so nice and we laughed like nobody was watching. Claire and I had strawberry tequilas, which tasted surprisingly good! There was such a nice vibe and I had such a good time. 


But I think I should also give my brother a shout out here. On Monday night, he won a music award at the school awards evening! I am so proud! When I got sent a picture of his cheesy grin with his award, my heart swelled. Yet, the thing that struck me the most is how grown up he looked; he didn’t look like a kid anymore! Flip, he has jaw bones!


This morning, we took a rather impromptu trip to the beach because it was absolutely beautiful weather. Walking onto the sand, I could feel the burning heat of the sun on the soles of my feet. It was a blissful feeling! Then just easing myself into the cool water and enjoying the sun with friends and family was great. 

Sorry this was such a short post but hopefully the pictures helped there! But I do have to go now as I need to start thinking about going out to the life group Christmas party later. We have to dress up real fancy (just realised that sounded like someone from ‘Óf Mice And Men’!) so it requires a bit more thought than normal! 


Lots and Lots of Excitement!

Over the last week or so I have been doing lots of very exciting things! I guess that means that I now have to catch you all up on it (and yes, I took photos!):

After I had finished writing my blog last week, I went off to the beach as it was perfect beach weather. It does feel bizarre going to the beach in November because in my head it is supposed to be absolutely freezing!


I have also joined a frisbee team too. I am loving it so I am going back this evening to play some more. It’s a very exciting sport actually!

At youth on Friday we had a campfire. We made smores and toasted marshmallows and had an amazing evening. There was such a good vibe and the fun had was great. However, it was Nicky’s last youth ever! I will miss her loads when she moves to the UK at the end of the year.

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There was a really lovely market on at one of the hotels in the city so Nicky and I went for a little browse. It was so busy but it was a really really nice and WARM day; so warm in fact that I ended the day with some pretty amazing tan lines. I also bought myself the cutest little plant. I love it!


Church was great on Sunday. It was a really amazing morning. Then we came home and had a farewell braai for Keagan before he headed off to Cape Town. Needless to say, the food was awesome! I think we managed to make 5 different types of salads, which is quite impressive. 

But that wasn’t the end of my day! Off we went to a leadership training meeting in the evening. That was so helpful and insightful and was actually a very enjoyable evening!

I know I skipped Monday, but I don’t think you really need a lowdown on the admin meeting we had. 

Anyway, Tuesday was a much more exciting day! I did loads. And it all began with the Selbourne Valedictory. For those of you who don’t know what that is, it is basically the ceremony that those in their last year of school (the matrics) attend which marks the end of their time at school. Selbourne is the all boys school in the city of which some of the young guys from church go to. It was awesome to go and see how things like this happen here. 

After that, I discovered that I really cannot play squash and that despite all of the arguments that may come this way but girls are a lot worse at playing Fifa than guys are (although it may have been because these girls don’t sit and play it for a few hours straight most days).


And that just about sums up my week! It’s been a good one!

4 Whole Months!

Yes, you read it right; I have been in South Africa for 4 whole months! And since I last updated you all, there have been a few events on my calendar which warrant a mention. AND, I even had some photos taken so that it is not just words on my blog…

Friday 4th November:
We had our end of year leaders function and in sticking to the South African way of life, we had a braai. Honestly, they will be truly missed when I go back to the UK! The meat just tastes so much better. At this end of year function, however, we also had a prize giving ceremony, where people were awarded for things that they had done so well at within the life of the church. It was so much fun. I received a tennis racket and ball as I am the ‘Super Server’! 

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Friday 11th November:
On this evening, we had our farewell dinner for the matrics (people in their last year of school) at youth. This involved us having to dress up very nicely and make an effort! It went down so well with the younger youth serving us dinner. Chloe did so well in organising it all! For starters we had butternut soup and croutons which was delicious. For mains we had a chicken pasta bake with garlic bread which went down a treat! And for dessert, we had malva pudding and custard which was super super tasty. I even had two servings of it!

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And that brings you all up to date with the bigger things that have happened recently! Time is just flying by and I am loving every minute of it and I cannot believe that I have only got 8 months left here; a third of my time has one by already! It just means that I have to make the most it.


My Thoughts On The US Presidential Elections…

Today, I was going to write just another blog post on how my past week has been and all that I have been up to, but considering the significance of this day, I thought I would talk about something a bit different. 

You see, what started off as a joke to the majority of the American population, has now become reality. The result has shocked not only the USA but the rest of the world; it was something that was never expected to be taken this far. Today is the day that Donald Trump has become the 45th president of the United States of America.

This is where people reading this will think I am offering my opinion on who would have made a better president or even that Trump will make a good president. But I have never been one to take sides, and I am not planning on starting now. Both candidates had their own problems, meaning that had I been in America I would have struggled deciding, morally, who to vote for. 

So now everyone is wondering where I am going with this blog post. If I am not going to offer an opinion, then what am I going to do?! Well, keep reading and you will find out!


I want to tell you all a story. One that will take us back about 2,000 years or so. This was when a man named Jesus walked this earth as both fully human and fully God. Because of who He was, He was sentenced to death on a cross – the most brutal death He could have been given. It was here that He punched a hole through the wall of sin and conquered on the cross a victory that would last forever. And now? We can stand in the victory of Christ! Because His victory is permanent.

Therefore, it doesn’t matter who wins what election, who is allies with who, who is building what wall. This victory is just temporary. Because God is seated on the throne with the most important victory in His hands. 

This is the victory that means that we don’t need to be worried about what will happen tomorrow. This is the victory that means that we don’t need to fear for our futures. This is the victory which means that we don’t need to overanalyse any given situation.

This is the victory that means that we can stand confident and secure in the fact that God is moving and is calling a generation of people to rise up and follow Him, no matter the circumstances. It doesn’t now matter who is president. Because I know that my king reigns over all things and He has a plan. It may not have been many people’s first choice of plans, but it is definitely the best one. 

Hence, I am asking you to join me in prayer, not only for the people of America, but for Donald Trump. My prayer is that over the next four years, we see God moving powerfully, in ways that have only been made possible because of the outcome of today. 

What Have I Been Up To?

Over the last week, I have been rather busy. So, it is only fair that I give you all a mini life update to let you all know what I have been doing!

On Friday morning, I went out with Cebo to catch up and we ended up going all over the place! Firstly, we went to Spurs for a waffle, then we popped across to Mug & Bean for a cup of tea and finally ended up in Milky Lane for a milk shake! Needless to say, I didn’t eat for the rest of the day!

We had our Ladies Tea on Saturday morning where we heard testimonies from some amazing ladies about how God broke into their lives and held them when they most needed it. It was a wonderful morning and I had the privilege of not only leading worship, but of co-hosting a table with Chloe and getting to know some other pretty cool ladies.

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It was Emma’s birthday braai on Sunday afternoon and it was really nice to get to know some more people. Food has an amazing ability to bring people together and that was great/what was needed on Sunday for me. Phil and Emma also had the good idea of going for a little walk down to the river after we had eaten, too, so I got to see a little glimpse of somewhere else in East London.

You may have noticed that I skipped Monday; I am not suffering from some memory loss, I do know that Monday comes after Sunday and before Tuesday, but I only had an admin meeting then so I thought I would skip to a more interesting day for you to read about.

I went out for lunch with Brogan yesterday (Tuesday) to Sanook where I had a lovely pizza – yes, I ate the whole thing Dad – and Brogan had a massive burger.It was really nice to get out and have a really nice chat. 

Arno made curried mince for supper and it was delicious. I honestly think that living with my brother has helped train my taste buds to have a higher spice tolerance because I was amazed at how I managed to cope without milk! I know, it is almost unbelievable! The Monaghans came over for supper too, so that was good fun. 


And that brings me up to today, where I am working, writing my blog post and going to life group a bit later on! I hope you have all had equally awesome weeks.