My Life’s Not That Exciting!

It dawned on me this morning that I had not thought of anything to post on my blog. Nothing major has happened in the last week that requires a whole blog post dedicated to it and I have been majorly slacking in the taking photos department. I was discussing this problem with Rebz whilst we were on FaceTime and she had a brilliant idea of doing a review of my last three months here in South Africa – something that I have photos for as well! 

The first quarter of my year in South Africa has been completed so it is only fair that I look back and see what I have achieved and what I have been up to at various points.

Dad was here in July and he helped me to settle in in my first week here. I am so glad he came with me because I don’t think I would have got on that plane had I been on my own! I was so scared! 

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Arno and Claire organised a pizza night as well so I could get to know some of the people from church, which was so much fun! It just reinforced my love for pizza.

We also had the quiz night at the end of July – Chloe and I were the people in charge of the score board (I was trying to think of a better name for that but I literally could not think of anything!) so obviously it was mandatory to take a photo and attach a cheesy caption.

Highest score of the night! 

August was my first full month here and if I am being completely honest, I was totally homesick. But, I have to say that there were some pretty fantastic pictures taken of me… See below!

Notably, the biggest thing to happen in August was going to Hudson’s matric dance. Don’t ask me how it happened; I don’t know myself! One minute I was helping Chloe get ready for a date, the next I was putting on a nice dress and jumping in the car ready to go and take pictures.

I actually got my exam results back in August too! Something that I completely forgot about! I passed them all, which is great!

In September, there were a few meeting here and there, with a few of them happening on the beach! Oh, the perks of living close to the sea!

I was able to celebrate my first Heritage Day here in South Africa, which is otherwise known as Braii Day. Basically, everyone eats loads of meat and has loads of fun and life is good. 

October features last week’s blog. I went to be a part of the Activities Team at ILA and had great fun. You can read about it here.

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So it is safe to say that I have had an awesome first few months here and I am looking forward to finishing my year here with anticipation of what God has planned for me!


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