Where Did I Go?!

As many of you are aware, there was no blog post last week. Some of you may have thought I was severely ill; some may have thought that I couldn’t be bothered to post. Others of you may have thought that I had nothing left to write about. But you are all wrong.

The reality is that I was itching to write a blog post, I just couldn’t physically get to a computer, let alone one which had internet connection. Last week, I went for a whole week with no communication with anyone from the UK, and even anyone from SA! Now, I know that you are all thinking that I was being super spiritual and fasting from technology for a week. Sorry to disappoint but, I was actually just in the middle of no-where on a missions trip with my youth group.

So, rather than bore you with just a whole load of writing about what we did, I thought I might as well try and tell the story as well as I can with pictures (however, there will be a little bit of writing to fill out the necessary areas!).




Yes, my face is that red because I got sunburnt again…

Wacky Wednesday:

So, although I managed to get pictures of myself looking incredibly nutty, I did not manage to get any pictures of the main event of the day…

The Activities Team (the team that was made up of youth from Everyday People) were in charge of the evening fun – obviously. But, I mean, it wouldn’t be a real camp if the Activities Team didn’t prank everyone. So, we blindfolded everyone with their bandannas and led them outside. They yelled aloud three times, “WE TRUST THE ACTIVITIES TEAM!” But they really shouldn’t have. Because we then threw water balloons at them. They got us back by throwing buckets full of water over us, of course. So for obvious reasons having a phone/camera on my person would have been a very bad idea!


On Thursday night we held a talent show and I ended up being roped in to do some lip-syncing. Now, I am not posting the videos on here, but if anyone with a video of it feels led to leave it in the comments on Facebook, I am unable to stop them…



So that just about wraps up last week. I had so much fun and I would definitely do it all again!


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