Never A Dull Moment…

Since I last posted, a number of things have occurred which have made this last week VERY interesting. Now, when I say interesting, I don’t just mean that I have had a little bit more work than normal, or that I have been out a couple of extra nights this week. I mean, adventures that are quite unbelievable/unexpected for someone to go on after only a month in South Africa. So buckle up and prepare yourself for what is going to be a pretty exciting blog post!

Let’s start with Friday. Well, that was fun! Calmness radiated off of me when I woke up; quite literally oozing! Needless to say, it was not long-lasting. Of course, I had much fun eating chocolate brownies and ice cream, drinking a lovely milkshake and having awesome conversations with people. Yet, my serenity was snapped suddenly by angry ladies and small parking spaces. This was only the beginning, believe it or not! 

Screen Shot 2016-08-10 at 17.14.34
Now, Chloe and I thought that leaving for Shine (junior youth) at 4:40pm would be fine, it would allow for a little bit of traffic but it would be a good amount of time to get across to Greenfields. Unfortunately, the ANC made it very difficult for anyone to get anywhere by having a street party on the busiest road in East London at the busiest time of day. This meant that a journey that should have taken only 20 minutes ended up taking an hour, making us 40 minutes late for Shine! Apparently I was incredibly calm for someone that was told to reverse on a main road for a stupid taxi driver, into traffic. They obviously had no awareness of what was going on in my head!
As well as this, I had been holding in a lot of emotion for the past three weeks. People that know me well know that I cry really easily and it is not difficult to make me emotional. So, to have held in all the emotion of leaving home on top of all the emotional baggage that comes with watching copious amounts of romantic movies, I was holding in a fair bit! So after a hectic day and being told just as I had picked up Chloe that 2 of the 4 youth leaders were sick and unable to make it to youth that night, I broke down in tears and required endless cups of tea to make me feel better. This is where I am thankful for amazing people around me that can make me feel better (a shout out is necessary here for Chloe, Brad, Cebo and James) and have learnt how to make a pretty good cup of tea at a moment’s notice.

Saturday allowed for an oozing of calmness to be restored. At least, for the majority of the day, anyway. 5pm came around and Josh was getting ready to leave for his matric dance with Sango (his BFF) when a message came through that Sango’s date had pulled out on him! She literally told him right at the last minute – how very rude! Chloe was going on a date with Brad that evening, meaning she was unavailable as a stand in date. This is where I come in. Everyone then looks at me and says “you have nothing planned for tonight…” Next thing I knew (10 minutes later), I was all dressed up, make-uped and all beautified, ready to go to the dance. Flip me! It was a whirlwind! To say it was eventful is an understatement. 

Rolling out of bed on Sunday morning, I took a little bit longer than 10 minutes to get ready. I was woken up all the more by church and had an awesome rest of the day (more chilled than the last two!). But this Sunday night was no ordinary Sunday night; it was girls night! Our evening began (I say our, I mean Chloe and I) with some light exercise in the form of yoga. I have never realised how inflexible a person could be until the moment I had to try and be a pair of scissors. Yes, it was recorded on video. No, you can’t see it. If I show you, I will have to kill you. I realise now, that people will happily die for a moment of hearty entertainment, but I will save you the hassle of dying by never showing anyone, ever. Also, if anyone has not seen ‘The Good Dinosaur’, I would highly recommend you watching it, only with a full box of tissues situated directly next to you. It was beautiful. Well done Disney. Sleep was highly anticipated after the excitement of the last few days, but sleep was deprived after Josh and his friends decided that 11pm would be a great time to start having a pillow war. You may think I am exaggerating, but lights were broken, beds were broken and so was someone’s face after blood was found on the pillow case. 

Screen Shot 2016-08-10 at 17.15.26

Monday morning began with an admin meeting, as every Monday does. It was good fun – although Cebo’s game proved to be dangerous when there ended up being a pile of people on the floor. Ouch! After that, I came home and watched Chloe bake, because as she put it she “liked baking on her own”. It’s fine, I enjoyed watching actually – it was quite therapeutic! The evening saw us travelling to the farm (Claire’s parent’s) as well as singing The Script songs at the top of our lungs. Man, I love The Script! 

Tuesday came around and we stoked the fire, went to a dilapidated house and saw the graves of the people that once lived there. Chloe decided that it would be a good idea to not wear shoes so there were thorns a plenty in her feet by the time we got back. We also went out across the farm and the men went hunting. They were rewarded with two duiker for their efforts. By the time we got back, we were all tired so we ordered some pizza and then I went to bed. 

That brings me to today where I have been out at CMF for breakfast, which was in Gonoubie. Then, before we could leave, Joe and Greg wanted to hunt some Pokemon, so Jess and I were made to tag along. Unfortunately, we did not find Pikachu. We were too busy driving down roads with dead ends! Once I got home, I did some work and that brings me up to the current time. I am sat here, after three cups of tea and have finished updating you on my week. 

P.S: I am going to do a Q&A next week so if anyone has any questions they would like me to answer, feel free to leave them in the comments etc. 

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