A Week In The Life Of CJ!

I know, sounds like exciting stuff! Apparently, this interests people, discovered by the fact I have had so many people ask me what I do with my days now that I am here in East London, South Africa. So, as each blogger has to listen to their readers every once in a while, I have caved in to your requests; please get comfy, grab a nice warm cup of tea and get ready for the excitement that is my average week!

This is a busy one. It starts with an admin meeting at 8:30am and there could be a few other meetings after that one if it is a super busy day. Take this Monday, for example. After the admin meeting, there was a 30 minute youth chat followed by a preaching meeting. Needless to say, I was hungry when I got home at 12:30pm! 
Once home, I tend to do a few little bits and pieces whilst they are in my mind. Either that or I do the things that I know I won’t do unless I do it straight away.
I will tend to chill once everyone is home from school though. Except for this Monday where I had ANOTHER meeting to go to in the evening. Plus, Monday is my day for making supper, which meant that Monday can be a hectic day! But, good fun – that is for sure.


I find that Tuesdays are much more relaxed than Mondays. I begin my day with a Bible study – I pick a random verse from the Bible and break it down, exploring what it means for me and how I can use it to grow my relationship with God. 
Afterwards, I will begin some of the more hardcore tasks I have to work on that week. Endless cups of tea assist me and I find that the morning goes by in the blink of an eye.
I will also tend to just chill out on a Tuesday afternoon with nothing to do, which is a wonderful feeling!

On a Wednesday morning, all of the youth pastors across the city tend to meet up for breakfast and to spend time just chatting to each other. It is an awesome platform to be able to meet some new people that share the same passion as you and are super friendly. 
When I get back in from that I will do another Bible study and carry on with a few of the tasks I have to get on with. 
After lunch I will Skype some friends and just have a catch up with them, asking them what is going on back in the UK and how they are doing. I have to say that this is one of my favourite times of the week.
By the time life group comes around in the evening, I will have had a fairly full on day. It’s almost as if I will need another day to recuperate!


The structure of a Thursday tends to follow the same sort of pattern as a Tuesday. Do I need to say anymore? It is closer to the weekend?!

This is my day off! Although, me being me, I do find myself doing a few things to keep me occupied. I do a Bible study when I wake up but I do try and make myself do nothing (harder than I think!). I do also find myself drinking more and more cups of tea on days like these… 
Evenings are a bit busier, however. Youth beckons and we have a blast! We play games, talk about Jesus and sing a few songs. It is marvellous.
Chloe and I also tend to stay up a bit longer just chatting when we get in from youth. If anyone was listening to our conversations they might think we are a little crazy. If they also saw the face swaps, they might be genuinely terrified! Oh well; what can you do?!


Saturday sees me just chilling out and making the most of the fact that I don’t have to do anything. I will try and make sure I read my Bible in the morning as well (good habit to get into) but I do just enjoy spending the day lounging around. It is awesome. 

Church day! We tend to get to church for about 8:30am so we can pray before the meeting starts. Then we crack on with the meeting and are done by 10:30am, 11:00am at the latest! This is all new to me as church in Plymouth didn’t start until 10:30am and we were lucky if it finished by 12:00pm! I guess it is just different cultures doing things in different ways. I have to say that I prefer the South African way of timing it because I like early mornings. But that is just me – quite literally. I would get looked at funny if I said I liked early mornings in the UK! 
Chatting to more friends and family seems to be my plans for a Sunday afternoon as well as just chilling out. All in all, Sundays are my fun days. Always have been. Always will be.

So, that just about sums up my week. Obviously, I won’t always stick to this schedule because life happens but this is pretty much it. 
Also, I am up for going for milkshakes with people in the afternoons and on my days off – in fact, I think that is a pretty good idea! So feel free to ask to do things – I may just say yes!


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