The Adventure Continues…

Today marks the beginning of my third week here in East London, but also marks my last blog post of July. So, I thought it was only necessary for me to reflect (excuse the cheesiness!) on the whole of July and just what has happened.

  1. I left home! And if I am honest, it was the scariest thing I have ever done! Some people can’t wait to leave home and move on to a new chapter, but for me, that was the last thing I wanted to do. If I had my ideal, I would not have left home for another few years at least! But, of course, God has other ideas! So, I have taken a step out of my comfort zone this month and have done something that not only I, but others, never thought I would do. How crazy is that?!


  2. I have moved to a completely different continent! Because we all know that if I had moved to somewhere like France, it would have been a lot easier for me to hop on a plane and come home to the UK – it would certainly be a bit cheaper! But moving to South Africa means that I can’t afford to take a trip back to the UK once during my year here because it is just too expensive, plus all that travelling would just stress me out! In some respects, this does make it more difficult to adjust to life here in SA, but at the same time, it just makes me think how exciting this year is going to be and how independent I will become because Mum can’t be next to me all the time and offer to do my laundry for me! It just means that for me, this adventure is a lot bigger than it would be if I was closer to home. 


  3. I have started working! Now that is quite something in itself… I feel like I now have a lot more adult responsibilities – something I definitely would not have felt if I stayed in the UK. I reckon that if I had stayed, I would have been less like an adult (if you get where I am coming from). Moving away from home, to a different country and starting to work for a church definitely means that I have to do a fair bit of growing up. But it is fair to say that I will never loose my childish ways – the way I laugh whenever anyone says the word bottom as well as the way I enjoy reading children’s picture books (what?! They are actually very entertaining!). But seriously, working is very adult and very important; I am an actual grown-up! 


  4. I have met a load of awesome people and I am actually quite impressed with the amount of names I have managed to remember! For someone who can normally only cope with meeting one person at a time and getting to know a bit about them, I am super impressed that I can remember more than 5 people’s names! It is all very exciting! And these awesome people have already begun to feel like family to me, which makes being able to settle in a lot easier.

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  5. I am feeling like East London is my home. Yes, I miss the UK and I miss my family like there is no tomorrow! There are days where I miss home so badly and I know that is part of it; I have only been here for 2 weeks after all! But I cannot express how comfortable I feel here and how much like home this feels. I just love it here and feel like this place is going to be an awesome place to live for the next year!

P.S: I have really been craving a Lord of the Rings Extended Edition movie marathon so if anyone owns them then I would love to borrow them! I can pay in baked goods! I just miss having friends close by who have the extended editions…



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