Week 1 Complete!

This past week has been simply incredible! 

I have spent my first week in East London, South Africa and I have loved every minute of it. I feel as if I am already learning so much and am seriously enjoying the sun! 

Since I last posted, I have done so much! My first service at Everyday People on Sunday was amazing – I met so many new people and am loving getting stuck in. As well as the social side of church, I have to say that the worship was AWEsome! Never have I felt so much in the presence of God whilst listening to people sing in a different language at the top of their voices. There are no words to express just how I felt. Dad was preaching (a preach that I had heard before), but it didn’t feel as if I was listening to it for the second time. The whole morning was just fab! 

After church, we headed back to the house for a steak braai… Man, it was good! Altogether, the food, people and the atmosphere was great and it was good to get to know more of the people I will be spending the next year with.


Monday morning heralded my first Everyday People admin meeting. That was an experience! Brad was in charge of the game and Dad and I ended up in competition with each other. It was super competitive but definitely a good way to start the morning! I am looking forward to my next one next week!

On both Tuesday night and Wednesday night we met with all of the different Life Groups to introduce myself and for Dad to talk more about Advance UK. That was also an awesome way to get to know loads of others in the church. Names have overloaded in my head so please do not be offended if I can’t remember your name! Arno has said that I should have met over 100 people this week, so hopefully that excuses me somewhat!

Yesterday, we ended up going to Cove Rock for the day. It was absolutely beautiful and I had a very relaxing morning reading my book and eating biscuits. Dad and Arno got soaked when a big wave caught them a bit by surprise! But the beach was beautiful and I was able to relax and enjoy myself yesterday morning.

So that brings me up to today. This morning, Dad left for Johannesburg so I am well and truly on my own adventure. It no longer feels like a holiday and I now feel like I am in a place I can call home for the year. I am in such a good place and am staying with such a good family; I couldn’t ask for more! I am so grateful to God for all of the people I have met and for the church here and am looking forward to spending the next 51 weeks here!


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