No Need For A Plan B…

This week has been awful. I have had a terrible sickness bug, starting on Saturday and only having it let up on Wednesday evening! It left me feeling incredibly run down and without any energy to move so I have spent the majority of this week in bed or under a duvet on the sofa.

But whilst I have had all the time in the world just to think, in the back of my mind has been the fact that I should be receiving my visa next week, if all went to plan. I was aware that it may take longer to arrive and I have heard many stories about people having to go to the Embassy the day before they are due to fly to try and get their visa sorted. I was hoping and praying that would not be me! So I was not certain that it was going to arrive on the day they said it would be ready by (27.05.16). 

This is where you are all thinking “why is the title of the blog post about a plan b?” Well, whilst I was spending all this time lying in bed, I was left thinking, what do I do if they refuse to give me my visa?! To this, I had no answer. I had no clue as to what I would do and if I am completely honest, I don’t want to do anything else!

Yesterday, up popped a text message from the Embassy saying:

“Your application is received and under assessment at the South African High Commission”

I got excited, thinking that surely it must arrive by next week. But, of course, there was that lingering doubt in the back of my mind, making me think that they still may reject my application. But I needed to keep a positive mental attitude otherwise I would have just crumbled into a sicky and teary mess, which wouldn’t have been nice. 

Whilst I was thinking this over, another ping on my phone caught my attention:

“Your application has been dispatched from the South African Visa Application Centre, London for courier delivery”

This meant it would arrive within the next 24 hours. But still, did I have my visa? The texts were very ambiguous and I couldn’t decide whether not saying whether my application had been successful meant I didn’t have it or it was just to leave my in suspense. 

Waiting all day today for the courier to arrive, by 5pm I was really impatient. I was just about to get my laptop out to check whether I had missed the delivery when Mum said that someone was walking up the path. Skipping to the door I was in anticipation for what the passport had inside it. I ripped open the package, pulled open my passport and there, looking pretty, was my visa! I am officially allowed to go into South Africa to Volunteer for Everyday People for one year! 

Thank you everyone for your prayers for the visa to come through quickly; it is much appreciated and very excited about what this next year is going to hold.



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