Visa, Visa, Visa

On Sunday evening, I found myself on a train travelling up to London to apply for my visa for South Africa. I felt so sick it was unbelievable. Once Dad and I arrived in Paddington at 10pm we found our hotel a stone’s throw away from the station. It wasn’t plush, so to speak, but it was good enough for one night and for a cheap place in a really popular area. 

I was frantically sending messages to my buddies, just needing moral support because my level of sick feeling was going through the roof. I had no idea what I was going to do in the morning when we had to make our way across London to find this place to apply for my visa… All I really knew is that I wasn’t going to the real embassy. I was confused, tired and not feeling 100% so sleeping on it after praying a fair bit seemed like a good idea. Except the tubes that kept going we doing my head in! Why do people need to be so active at night in London? Why can they not just go to sleep?!

When I woke up in the morning, I went in for my shower and broke the towel rail. Good start. I couldn’t eat breakfast. Now, for those of you who know me well enough, you will know that I can eat breakfast pretty much all day; cereal is my most favourite thing ever, ever, in the world ever. So for me to not eat very much is pretty much unheard of. Man, I was nervous. 

Dad said that he always knows when I am nervous because I go quiet and won’t talk for hours, which again, is not common for me. The last time that happened was when I got my tattoo and even then, that was only for five minutes. So, for me to be quiet on the train up to London, and even quieter until 11:30am the next day, was quite unusual. I mean, of course I was going to be quiet on the tube – I don’t really want to make conversation with a stranger whose arm pit I am smelling because we are in such close proximity – but I just could not talk without bursting into tears because I was so nervous about events that could unfold that day. 

Only when I walked out of the building after talking to the man who said that my application was more than likely going to be successful and should be received by 27th May at the latest did I start talking again. And nope, I would not shut up. 

As our train was not until 7pm, we thought we would spend the entire afternoon doing something pretty cool… We spent 4 hours walking around the British Museum with me telling Dad about all the different things that happened around when those artefacts were in their prime and Dad telling me about how you can find all of this out in the Bible and referencing it for me there and then. It was great fun! There was even an old books section… I was in heaven! Well, not quite, but almost. 

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After we had eaten a pub dinner, I tucked into my book, finishing it well before we got back into Plymouth later that evening. 

Needless to say, my bed was very welcome when I got home.


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