Confusing Visas…

On Monday, I will be in London applying for my visa, which means that I need to have EVERYTHING ready to show them so I can apply properly. As any normal person would, I was checking that I had everything earlier in the week as a last minute check, so to find out that I did not own the right sort of birth certificate and that my bank would not let me access my most recent statement to prove that I have money was a bit of a knock back. 

Thanks to my amazing mum, I now have the correct version of my birth certificate as well as a fairly recent bank statement. There will be a trip to the bank tomorrow to try and get another statement (the one that I actually need) but there should not be any problem there – I am just praying that it all works out. 

But this is not where the story ends. 

I had sent Mum a text this morning asking her to make copies of all of my documents. Because she is an incredible woman and thinks things through much more than any of us do, she took a search on the internet to see whether I had got it all right and to make sure that I had not missed anything. Only then do we find out that the actual SA Embassy website does not have the conditions of the application written on the site in enough detail. The internet hides things!

That is when I took my first ever trip to a solicitor’s office. Every one of my important documents has to be signed and stamped by a solicitor before the Embassy will even take a look at it. He quoted me £5 per page to sign the documents, which I thought was incredibly reasonable, but I was preparing myself for some hidden fees. Needless to say that I was praying in reception. When it came to paying after signing 5 pages worth of information, he said that he had only signed 4, meaning that I would only have to pay £20. Great! I got some money off! Then, he said that today, he would accept £10 payment from me so I could save £15. Solicitors are nice! Dad said that it was his pub money for later… I am more than happy to have supplied him with a beer after he signed those documents at a discounted rate and with only an hour or so’s notice. Yay!

But that was not the only thing that this new website, on the formidable internet, seemed to want proof of. They needed an actual signed copy of the letter from Arno and Everyday People so that needed to be scanned across. Luckily, Arno was on hand to send it across with no hassle. Yet, that was not the only thing required from him! Yes, a copy of his passport needs to be signed by a solicitor too! Amazingly, he can have it ready for first thing on Monday morning, meaning that we can print it out when we are in London ready for the trip to the Embassy later that morning. 

Although this has probably been the most stressful day of the whole process, and am really disliking the internet, I have seen God’s provision in it all. I did not have to worry about having money to pay the solicitor as I was given some money earlier on in the week. My mother has an incredible sixth sense (or a prompting from God!) to check these sorts of thing out. And, I have people around me that are taking it all in calmly and helping me get it sorted in order for me to get on that plane in July. Clearly, I can see that God is wanting me in East London, SA, because even though these obstacles keep appearing that should be stopping me in my tracks, things always seem to get sorted out so quickly and effortlessly. Thank you Jesus!


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