Moment (noun) – a particular stage in the development of something or in the course of events.

We all have moments, moments that define who we are. You may, perhaps, want to call these ‘significant life events’. But it could be said that we all have moments that make us wobble in the journey towards those said significant life events. 

Today, I suffered from a wobble. I suddenly realised that all of my plans, all of the things that I have been working towards for the last two years are going to ‘happen’ and become my significant life events in just under three months. That freaked me out. They are all coming soon! 

However, it would be silly of me to not explain how this wobble only lasted for a few minutes because of the fact that there is so much excitement within myself, that I am struggling to contain. Yes, I will have finished education  in 64 days. Yes, I will be getting on a plane to move to a different country, on a different continent in 89 days. But, dwelling on the fact that this is all going on just makes me feel so underprepared and quite frankly terrified. So, it is for this reason that I am in need of reminding myself of Gods plan for me and how incredible that is by drawing comparisons between where I am now and where I will be in just under three months.

  1. My Location – at the moment, I am in Plymouth. But, in 89 days, I will be living in East London!

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  2. The Weather – right now, I am sat looking out the window at a grey sky and rain. On googling the weather right now in East London, jealousy has kicked in, along with even more excitement, which I did not believe was possible!
  3. Amazing Friends – amazingly, I have already been able to make connections with those in SA, meaning that I already have some amazing friends! But I also have some absolutely incredible friends here that I am going to miss like mad. I love them all to pieces and I thank the Lord for Skype!
  4. Fantastic Family – I love my family and I know that I am going to struggle without them. I makes me emotional now to think that I won’t be seeing them for a while. Yet, I love the fact that I have a home with a family that I already feel a part of in East London. I am looking forward to joining them and making new memories with them! It is all part of the adventure.

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So these wobbles are unjustified. There is an adventure to be had an it is mine for the taking. Therefore, my moments shall be no longer. Sure, there will be times when it is hard, but breaking down before I can carry on is not worth it. I must fully embrace Gods plan for my life, even though it is way out of my comfort zone.

Now, I must get back to watching ‘Mandela, Long Walk To Freedom’ and Trevor Noah sketches, in my adventure of learning about South African culture. See you later!


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