100 Days…

Since I last posted on here, a lot has gone on. I have been to Belgium and France, got all of my jabs ready for when I move and have turned 18! I have also had to up the amount of revision I have been doing because my exams are looming, meaning I have a lot less time for pretty much everything. So, I apologise for the delay in posting a blog post; I know, it’s unacceptable really!

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As the title of this post suggests, it is 100 days until I move out to East London, South Africa. It has come round so quickly! I find myself still writing down that I am going out to South Africa ‘next year’ but then have to correct myself because I will be there in just over three months time. Because it feels like I have approached a milestone leading up to my adventure, I thought I would share my thoughts about it all with you:

  1. I have a trip to the South African Embassy in London at the end of the month. Dad and I are going to go on a little bit of day trip at the end of the month to finally sort out my visa! I am so glad that we were able to book and appointment because I know that the trip will not be wasted and I will definitely get seen by someone. It also feels like a long time coming and that I should have been able to get it done sooner if it wasn’t for the receptionist at the doctors surgery, but at least I am getting it done now. The website said that it should only take 2-4 weeks to come through, but I am aware that I am going to be dealing with Africans so I am sure my patience will be tested.
  2. I still have to stay motivated for my exams… somehow. I feel like because I am so excited to move, I am just going to want to be there, rather than have to sit in an exam hall and sit my exams . But, I know that this is a bad attitude to have when considering ‘my future’, so I am still going to have to motivate myself to do well and revise enough so I can pass.
  3. I am so glad I got a new pair of flip flops for my birthday! I was looking at my flip flops from last year to see if I could get away with not getting a new pair when I realised that I had worn them so much, they practically have a hole in them… Oops!

    Thanks for the present Joel! Old on the left and new on the right
  4. How on earth am I going to eat all my chocolate before I move?! I got an insane amount of chocolate for my birthday and I am not sure I am going to have room in my suitcase to take it with me, no matter how badly Chloe and Claire wish I could fit it in.

    Thanks for the present Joel! Old on the left and new on the right
  5. I should probably get another big suitcase and a hand-luggage suitcase. I am allowed two 23kg suitcases plus a piece of hand-luggage that does not exceed 8kg. At the moment, I only have one big suitcase, so I might want to work on that!
  6. I am sad that I cannot actually eat milk tart, even though Dad says that the one I made tasted pretty good. I am intolerant to eggs when they haven’t been backed into a cake, which means that because the milk tart is not actually cooked, I cannot eat it unless I want to be sick. This makes me really upset because everyone says it is so good and it appears to be eaten a lot in the De Bruin household!

Overall, I am feeling incredibly excited to move out to South Africa in July and cannot wait to experience another culture and how they do things differently to the UK. I know that these next few months are going to fly by so I am definitely going to make the most of the time I have left with my friends. But I still cannot wait to start a new adventure on a different continent and make some awesome new friends!


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