The Problem with Receptionists…

Over the last few months, I have spending a lot of time talking to the doctors and their receptionists about my medical reports and a few of the conversations have been rather interesting!

It all began when I rang them up asking for an appointment to fill out my medical reports for my visa applications way back in November. They told me that I needed to come into the surgery and drop off the forms so that they can have a look and see what needed to be done and how much they would charge me for it. I thought this was a fairly sensible decision but when it took them almost two months to get back to me to tell me that I needed to get a chest X-ray and then come back and see them, I could not understand why it took them so long! When I rang up the hospital to ask for a private X-ray (they said it could not be done on the NHS), I was then pushed back to the GP Surgery with instructions to get a referral. The funny thing is, the receptionists had told me that you wouldn’t need one. Hmmmm…

After finally being referred for an X-ray that was going to cost me £112, I went and had it done, only to find out it was put through as NHS and I did not have to pay! Thank you Jesus!

Following this, I rang up the doctors to see if they could fill out my medical reports now that they had all of the information they needed. This is where Jo comes in. She answered the phone sweetly…

“Hello, Jo speaking, how may I help you?”

“I was wondering if you had my chest X-ray results back so that I could come in for my medical reports to be filled out?”

“Yes, they have come back all clear so you do not need to see a doctor.”

“Well, I do if they need to fill out my medical reports for my visa application…”

“There will be a charge.”

“Okay, that is absolutely fine. But can I just book up to see a doctor so they can fill out my forms please?”

“Can they just ring you?”

“Not if they are going to fill out my forms, no.”

“It would just be more convenient.”

“Not if they need to fill out a form though…”

“You will have to wait a long time for an appointment then.”

“When is your next one with a doctor that can fill out my forms?”

“Next Friday.”

I honestly laughed at this conversation. I have no idea what was going through her head but I am 100% sure that you cannot fill out a form over the phone! But this was not the last I would see of Jo…

I walked into the surgery for my appointment and ended up waiting to see the doctor for 40 minutes! When I was eventually called in to see the doctor I was told that they were a locum and were not able to sign the forms. Apparently this is something that the receptionist should have known before they booked me in for the appointment…

I went down to  book myself another appointment because I still needed those forms completing and guess who was sorting it out? Yep, it was Jo. 

“Can I have another appointment to sort out my medical reports please?”

“I don’t think you need another appointment.”

“Well, I do because the doctor I just saw could not fill out the forms.”

“Okay. How about 9am on Monday?”

“I have college in the mornings so I can only do afternoons.”

“What about 9am on Tuesday?”

“I can do really early in the morning or only the afternoon.”

“2:20pm on Thursday?”

“Perfect. I also need to book in for my jabs, please?”

“Why do you need all of these appointments?!”


“Right, well I can book you in for 7:30am on Wednesday?”

“Brilliant. Thank you, Jo.”

She just confuses me. When I went in today for my medical reports to be done, she didn’t know how much it was going to cost so she was running around with my forms asking everyone when there was a piece of paper with it all on in front of her. Oh well, I saved £20 so I am not complaining!

It fills me with confidence to know that not all receptionists are like this…


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