Do I Have A Heart?!

I have finally managed to book my chest X-Ray! They will get to see whether I have a heart and whether I have lungs… All very exciting!

I know that it felt as if my adventure was really coming round quick when my plane ticket was booked, but now all of my medical stuff is being done, the ball is really rolling! Then I can go up to the South African Embassy in London to try and persuade them to let me into their country. I do hope they let me in because I am absolutely desperate to get out there. I would drop everything now and go if I could but I know that I have to finish things up here first. Oh well; it just means that my excitement can build and I can just annoy everyone by going on and on and on and on and on about the trip.

The South African Embassy in London, UK

Part of what I am going to be doing when I go out to South Africa is some administration for the church. I am already getting in the practice by having an allocated folder for all of the paperwork required! Now this excites me because I look all official and look like I know what I am doing when really, I have absolutely no idea how to apply for a visa!

However, now that the doctors are willing to check whether I have a heart and whether I have tuberculosis or not (because apparently that is a necessary thing to get checked out when applying for a long term visa into South Africa), I can get my skates on and get ready for the trip of a life time.

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