It is something that we all struggle with and this week it is something that I have been really hit by.

In comparison to other people, I would say that I find academic things come more naturally to me. This means that I don’t have much academically to be doubting myself about but sometimes it is the throw away comments made by others that just cause me to think twice about myself and my abilities.  We can all be guilty of making these comments, just as much as we can be on the receiving end of them. Howbeit, they can really bring a person down and make them believe that they are not good enough.

This is why I have come up with some top tips as to how not to be brought down by those throw away comments that can bring you down:

1. IGNORE IT! The majority of the time, the people making these comments do not even realise they are saying things that could be upsetting. This means that they are not intending to bring you down. So there is no need to take any notice.

2. DON’T BELIEVE IT! We are all unique, meaning that we all have different talents and abilities. Therefore, there is no need to believe that you are not good at anything because you are good at something, it just may not be (and probably won’t be) what the person making the comment will be good at. Take my brother and I, for example. I enjoy studying and have passed every exam I have sat but I cannot farm and look after animals to save my life. My brother, on the other hand, is super good at farming and loves looking after the sheep and cows but struggles more than I would academically.

This is not Joel, but he would happily do something much like this 🙂

3. MOVE ON! There is no need to take the baggage with you along the way, so drop it as soon as you get it! You might as well because otherwise you will just be brought down and get upset about a comment someone has made. Hence, you should just get up and carry on with life.

Hope this helps!

And remember, you’re amazing just the way you are. (Cue cheesy song line from Bruno Mars)

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