So now that we have reached that point in the year when teachers are making mock exams out to be the most important thing in your life, I have no motivation what so ever to even concentrate. It’s not that I don’t like college, because I really do, but I know the things I have planned for this year and I just want them to come quicker! Part of it probably just the fact that A Levels are really difficult and the things that I am planning on doing in the short term (like going to South Africa) do not actually require me to get any grades.

Unfortunately, I have no source of motivation for continuing with year 13 apart from my personal gain. Unlike a lot of other people, I am not planning on going to university in the next 5 years so I don’t require any particular grades like one of my best friends does to be able to study Midwifery. Even people in my tutor group who are choosing not to go to uni still need certain grades to do what they want to do, so I am a unique case!

I know in my head that I would be quite happy to work in an office as a secretary and I know that I would enjoy that sort of thing, it would be a bit like being Dawn from ‘The Office’, but there is a reason I have not planned that far in advance. I know that God has the best plan for my life and although I don’t know what all of that entails, I do know that finishing my A Levels is probably going to help me in the long term. I will just let Him tell me what to do and when.

Tim and Dawn from ‘The Office’ UK

So, even though I am struggling to find any form of motivation, and because I legally have to stay in education until 18, I am not going to pull out of something that I have been working hard to achieve for so long. As well as this, I know that I have people around me that will encourage me to keep going and try my hardest.

P.S: My tutor definitely needs a shout-out for the best motivational speeches and for telling me that I need to do what I feel is the best things for me.

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