Happy New Year!

So today is the first day of 2016 and as is expected, last night saw me at a New Years’ party. Now, in amongst all of the fun and excitement of seeing in a new year, I also managed to learn three things about myself. I say learn; what I mean to say is that I was struck again by three thoughts about myself:

  1. I know some VERY interesting people! As much as I love hot tubs (don’t get me wrong – I really do!), they do not appeal to me at midnight when the temperature is below freezing and I do not have a swimming costume with me. But, what I did understand last night is that some people love that kind of thing and skinny dipping (almost – boxers were on) is a regular occurrence so there was no questioning of such debacles. Yet, what I did find time to question was the fact that there was such thing as Apple Pie flavoured alcohol. Why was anyone ever allowed to make such a thing?! But then to play drinking games with it was just a step too far… That is when I realised how interesting some people are under the influence of alcohol! 🙂 IMG_0118
  2. I do have some pretty amazing friends. Last night was definitely not short on laughter and there was a smile constantly plastered onto my face. I am grateful for the differences in our personalities which allows for some highly amusing conversations!
  3. And finally… I need to be in bed by 10:30pm otherwise my body just goes into shutdown mode. Even though the majority of people find this funny and I was questioned as to whether I was really a 17 year old, I realised that I am no party animal! I have no idea how I can manage to finish work at midnight and still function! Maybe it is just social events…



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